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Hypnotherapy or retreat for weight loss – The choice is yours!

Does one require Weight Loss Retreat or Hypnosis?


The lengths people will go through – from health retreats to hypnotherapy, for loss of weight is clearly noticeable.

People are going to greater extremes to lose weight as the obesity epidemic increases year after year. From going on “one food diets”, such as cabbage soup diet, these extremities can range from people starving themselves completely. A person may go on a weight loss retreat or even seek out hypnotherapy, which are newer types of diet regimes emerging.

What do these two unfamiliar types of techniques for losing weight have in store?


weight loss retreat

Weight Loss Retreats – Are they really helpful?


People will often immediately think “fat camp”, when one thinks of weight loss retreats, but not all retreats are the same. Where many of the temptations of the modern world are not present, a retreat happens to be one such controlled environment. Especially those with over eating, retreats can offer people the opportunity to break bad habits that may be detrimental to their health.





  • The range of foods happen to be pretty limited and people attending these camps have no alternative but to eat “healthy” as these places are often secluded and away from big cities.
  • The desire to go out and explore is common, which in turn induces the natural exercise such as walking etc as with many of these retreats being in nature.
  • To start off a healthy and productive life, the extra exercise coupled with the healthy diet is quite often enough.




  • They are often very costly and keep people away from work, which can be a double hit on the wallet as the retreats are remote.
  • After returning home people often start right back where they started, as many people after successfully returning back from these retreats often fall back into the same patterns.
  • Though their lives depend on it, many also cannot put their lives on hold. Especially for long periods of time, having a family and career can be greatly affected by attending these camps.




With the help of a hypnotherapist, this is where a person is hypnotized i.e. put into a deep trance. Usually overeating or continual snacking, the hypnotherapist will then repeat constant verbal and mental images with the hope it will break a certain pattern of behaviour. Though there is not much other scientific evidence that backs it up, some studies have shown that this type of treatment can work in losing weight.




  • A few studies have shown this type of treatment to be effectual. The reason why it can be quite an attractive method for losing some weight is that in these studies the average weight loss of participants was on an average 6 pounds and all without lifting a finger.
  • Due to the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist, some of the participants were actually able to replace sugar cravings with the desire to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.




  • To weight reduction, hypnosis is not an easy solution. It is also not a cheap option and method as in fact it can take quite a considerable amount of therapy to see some real life results.
  • With a good diet and exercise plan when used in conjunction, only then is hypnosis actually beneficial. People are helped by the slow changes in their lifestyles and their future health gets better.

So these are two of the more alternative ways people try to lose weight with. They take home massage with both these options, as that often may help some, but they are not the only answers. Remember to maintain a balanced diet and healthy exercise routine, because this is generally the best plan of action for most people to actually follow!






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