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Time to say good-bye to the double chin


Having a double chin has always been disturbing for a person who has one. What exactly is a double chin? It is basically the subcutaneous fat beneath the lower jaw and around the neck. It causes the tissues to be saggy, resulting in the formation of a second chin. Although it happens more often among older people or those who are fat, but it mainly depends on the structure of the bone and accumulation of fat in the area of the chin. A double chin is most noticeable when a person lowers his head. One of the negatives of having a double chin is that it lowers the self confidence and makes one feel  inferior to others in terms of appearance and looks.


Why is a double chin formed?

There are certain reasons for the development of a double chin and below are a few discussed in detail:

  1. It’s in your genes:

One of the reasons for having a double chin could be that it runs in your family. This could be observed by looking at other members of your family and if they do have double chins, then that explains why you have it too. The genes determine fat accumulation and water retention in the body, hence the double chin.

  1. Are you growing old?

Ageing plays an influential role in the fat deposition, muscle loss and loosening of the skin. Once you are past your middle age, your muscles loose its strength and the skin becomes saggy and no longer tight. This contributes to the formation of double chin. However, it can be reduced by facial, jaw and muscle strengthening exercises.

  1. Being obese:

Obesity is one of the major causes of double chin in people. Having an extra amount of fat in your body can lead to it. If a great amount of fat is a part of your diet, then you are at a greater risk of developing it. Being this the reason for the formation of double chin, it can be easily dealt with by exercising which helps in losing that extra fat.


Losing double chin is not so difficult

Following are a few techniques which can help you in getting rid of that extra layer of fat under the chin:

1.   Cosmetic surgeries: Some of the expensive, yet effective procedures for getting rid of double chin are lipolysis, liposuction and face lifting.

2.   Healthy living: Incorporating a healthy diet in the daily routine can reduce and prevent fat deposition.

3.   Exercise: The exercises that are aimed at making the body fit and toned can also help in cutting down the chin fat.

4.    Creams and medications: Some creams are available in the market that help tighten the skin around the neck, eventually causing the double chin to disappear.

5.    Home remedies: Few of the most famous remedies for double chin are chewing a sugar free gum as a work out of the facial and jaw muscles; a neck massage using the wheat germ oil for 10 to 15 mins before sleeping at night; egg white facial mask; increasing the intake of vitamin E in the form of rice, leafy vegetables, dairy products, legumes, sweet corn, apples, etc ; applying fresh melon on the chin and neck area; drinking about 8-10 glasses of water and taking green tea several times a day.


Home remedies are generally more beneficial when it comes to saving money and using a safe way to get good riddance from double chins.



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