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The Best Gyms in Perth

Do you feel the need to lose weight? Are you seeking for the fit body you have been thinking of lately? Well everyone likes to be fit and look good in appearance. Unfortunately, not all are exactly blessed with such gifts. Somehow people gain weight or sometimes, even lose more weight than they should. Therefore, for such people only one option remains. That option is to exercise and follow a couple of other important procedures. These are to ensure that your body gets back to normalcy and attain fitness, just like you’d want it to be.

Top Perth Gym

Perth has a large population of people that go to gyms in order to carry out their weight loss and fitness procedures. However, since there are plenty of gyms out there, it can also be quite difficult for people to make the right choice among the gyms that are out there. If you want to know about the major gyms in Perth that provide members with great services, you can go through the following.

  • Snap Fitness – This gym chain is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This makes it possible for someone to exercise whenever you wish to or say when you have that time. In fact, one can actually become a member for as low as $1 a day. Further there are no contract hassles, and are located conveniently all around the city.


  • 24/7 Power Fitness & Jetts – Both of these are fitness centers which are also open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. You therefore have the option to exercise whenever it suits your schedule. They too have adopted a hassle free approach as there are no contracts to sign. They charge people low fees and numerous levels of membership options are also available to interested people.


  • Curves Fitness – They are largely dedicated in helping women maintain fitness and health. In fact, it happens to be the largest fitness franchise in the world, having over 10,000 centers. They also offer an all round fitness and nutrition pack for a woman, which even includes their pretty famous 30 minute workout.


  • Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs – They are among the largest organizations in the entire country, having over 20 years of experience in providing health and fitness for women. They offer a very comfortable atmosphere for women to work out and undertake regular exercises.


  •   Next Generation – This is a leading health and fitness provider. It is also among the largest groups in Australia that offer very good facilities and service. There are hundreds of different classes every week, private lessons for interested members, coaching of sorts, personal trainers and even school holiday programs for young students. The clubs are totally family friendly and have children’s play rooms, cafés, a crèche, and members lounge. Next Generation Clubs also offer an extensive range of spa treatments. Be it a first time user or a seasoned gym member, you will always feel welcome at their gyms.


  • Good Life Health Clubs – These have around 44 locations all over country, and are known to offer a large range of fitness classes. There are numerous group fitness classes that members can pick from which include Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. They are also very family friendly, and offering child minding services. Personal trainers are present and will keep you on track, or can even design a new program such that it suits you in your quest for fitness and weight loss.


  • Fitness First – This one is actually one of the largest, and fastest growing, health clubs around the world. With over 500 clubs in 15 countries they have been offering great fitness services and thereby making fitness a number one priority. They are known to offer state of the art exercise equipment, that too in comfortable surroundings and fitness programs that would suit everyone, no matter what your level of fitness actually happens to be. They have proper group exercise classes, and team work out sessions. Personal trainers offer guidance through matters. There is also a ladies only area and crèche facilities for those with looking for it.


Besides these there are numerous other Perth gyms that can help you with fitness issues and also in weight loss procedures. Here are certain tips to help you pick the right gym in Perth.


  • Location is important – One of the most important factors to consider. One probably wants a gym that is in close proximity.
  • Cost and Agreements – Discounts and coupons are offered by many gyms. In any agreement be sure to read the fine print. One of the major complaints is dissatisfaction with gym agreements or contracts.
  • Personnel – Good personal trainers and customer service is required as with any business.
  • Facilities and equipment – The gym that fits the desires, so that one can stick with the workout regimen they seek should be looked for.


With these tips, it is certain you should have no problems in making the right pick among Perth gyms. So go ahead, lose weight and attain that fitness you so seek.

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