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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Challenge Review

Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge consists of exercise, proper nutrition with a mindset training program which is designed to improve your body, but more importantly, to change or modify the way you think. Be it for weight loss, for shaping or toning your body or to gain self-confidence, this program could be for you. Australia’s number one trainer for fitness and health, Michelle Bridges already has inspired and motivated many of her countrymen to shed over 2 million of excess pounds.

What You Need to Know about MB 12WBT Challenge?

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Challenge

Michelle Bridges’ 12 week challenge is designed to get you become fit and slim.  The whole program is accessible online and it is launched several times in a year. There will be a different set of people to perform the challenge together, whoever gets to sign up before the deadline become a part of the , making it possible to do the program many times in a year. If you are among the group, you become a part of the team and you will all do the challenge together. You can talk and discuss with them any concerns through the website’s online forum as well as in their Facebook site.

 Usually, those who belong near each other’s location can connect and be able to train together. This is what internet and technology can do today. This is what you call virtual training on a personal level.

 Her website is user friendly; it uses a pleasing platform. There are weekly icons which work intelligently by displaying all available options which you can click by just hovering over the week’s icon.

 All information you need is provided and you can access this information through videos. Every exercise has a clear description or an explanation of how it can be done. You also get to choose whether to read, watch the video or check out the photos. The website is actually smart, interesting and fun-filled. Michelle definitely invested so much time, effort and money to make the website as functional as it can be.

 As we are already aware of, the industry of health and fitness has already been flooded of different fad diets and foolish solutions and though many have fallen for them, you actually should not buy any of it.  Losing weight will be achieved with what you eat. Her training includes no pills and definitely no short cuts. Michelle keeps things as simple as they should be, telling you what exactly are the ingredients you need to have, what you need to cook and how you should do it. The meals are so simple and really easy to prepare, but really delicious as well.

The exercise program offers many options and you can start to train like a beginner, be fit and strong, or fit and lean, and there is even an option for pregnant women along with a ½ marathon training program.

 These options are great and what is best is that you have the option to choose where you can do the program; be it outdoors or in a gym or you want to do it right at the comforts of your home. Michelle’s program is really functional that anyone can use or perform anywhere.

The nutritional plan has been properly planned and thought about with the available option for pregnant women.  There will be a shopping list each week and you can also choose to print out the menu and the recipes if you want to. You can do this easier if you have an iPad or an android.

 Michelle has provided more than 600 yummy recipes that you will surely love. Every day consists of three meals with snacks. There are actually no special ingredients and every one of these ingredients is readily available at local supermarkets.

While some people may have their own dietary requirements, or you could have other preference, the meals can actually be customized. And you can even filter or modify the available recipes based on what your needs are.

This weight loss program sticks with a 1200 calorie per day for women and 1800 calories for men. There is also a wide choice of calorie level where you could choose from depending on your goals.

At the end of the twelfth week, you will be invited to a dinner to celebrate the success of your transformation. This may come at an extra cost, but you get to personally see and meet Michelle Bridges because she always attends the said event.

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