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How to lose weight using weight loss shakes?

What do you do when you have tried so hard to lose weight, but you just can’t get yourself to exercise daily or eat less? Now, you really want to lose some inches off your waist and drop a few pounds. In this situation, the best choice that you have got is to start drinking diet shakes.

Best Weight Loss Shakes

Ofcourse, the best way to shed the excess weight is by eating 5 to 6 meals a day and eating low carb meals or high protein meals along with a minimum intake of fat. Moreover, whole foods provide greater benefit in the weight cutting process. But, meal replacement shakes can also be used in place of whole foods. You can only limit shakes to 2 meals of 5/6.


More about Weight loss shakes:

These are in four categories:

  1. High-protein
  2. Low-carb
  3. Low-calorie
  4. Meal replacements suited specially for women


When you are deciding which meal replacement shake to go for, you need to take into account what is your intended target along with the taste that does not make you puke when you have the shake. However, you should know that more tasty the shake will be, greater will be the sugar content in it which is definitely against your weight cutting goal. Low-calorie meal replacement shakes are the best at losing weight because they contain low levels of proteins, carbs, fats and calories per meal.

Pros of weight reducing shakes:


Shakes are very convenient to drink even when you are racing out of your house for work or you do not have time or the mood to cook. You can down it in a few seconds and head off for work in the morning. Even when you are at work, you can drink it by keeping the protein powder with yourself at all times. It also saves the energy of thinking about what to eat for losing weight. For those people who have the habit of missing breakfasts, diet shakes are very helpful in making up for the missed breakfast.


Losing weight through diet shakes:


Weight reducing shakes work by speeding up the metabolic rate and help in processing and digesting whole foods at a faster rate. These shakes help shed maximum weight when they contain atleast 200 calories and a balanced proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins that are needed by the body. They make sure that your essential bodily requirements are fulfilled and hunger pangs are satisfied. The best use of weight reducing shakes is at that time of the day when you either skip a meal or eat unhealthy food to kill the hunger. For example, if you miss your breakfast or eat donuts, have a weight loss shake instead. Similarly, if you like to have junk food in the evening, replace it with the shake.

It is better to make your own diet shakes using fresh fruits, etc so that it is more healthy and nutritious.

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