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Tips On How To Have A Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain is always an area of concern for women and this concern intensifies during pregnancy. There is nothing that a pregnant woman would want more than to avoid gaining more weight than what she is about to naturally gain as a result of being with child. While low weight gain during pregnancy might seem difficult to achieve, it is actually not so. To know more about how you can have low weight gain while being pregnant at the same time, there are some essential tips which you need to bear in mind.

Have A Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Manage & Improve Your Diet

One of the most important ways by which you can ensure that you avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy is to manage and take care of your daily diet. The diet that you follow as a pregnant woman should by much improved as only by doing so you can ensure that you gain a healthy amount of weight only. Following the right diet implies including the right foods in it. If you are able to manage your diet successfully in the course of your pregnancy you will find that you are able to lose weight a lot more easily after giving birth.

Eat Foods Rich in Carbohydrates  

Ideally the diet that you follow as a pregnant woman should be one that has a high concentration of carbohydrates in it. You may of course worry about the fact that you might just end up putting on a lot of weight once your pregnancy is over. Truth be told though, those who follow a pregnancy exercises & carb rich diet during pregnancy regularly as well while being pregnant are much less likely to suffer from labour pains and are consequently quite capable of going through a painless and hassle free child birth process. The intensity of the exercises however has to be reduced considerably by you while you are pregnant or this may lead to health complications later on.

sleeping in pregnancy

Get Enough Sleep

Gaining weight while pregnant is something that is really quite normal. If you want to avoid putting on weight during your pregnancy you simply need to follow a healthy and balanced diet. You should also try and get as much sleep as you can and take rest at regular intervals to keep excessive weight gain from becoming a reality.

Avoid Consuming Weight Loss Pills

Taking weight loss pills is something that is not advised at all and you should avoid consuming these are a pregnant woman. Over the counter weight loss pills might appear safe for consumption at first but can make alterations to your health condition which in turn could influence the outcome of your pregnancy.

Drink Green Tea

If you are really looking to avoid weight gain during pregnancy then drinking green tea would be a good idea. You have to however remember to check with your personal physician and make sure you are not allergic to green tea before you drink it to prevent weight gain during pregnancy.

Thus, there are indeed quite a few healthy and effective ways by which you can ensure low weight gain during your pregnancy.

Author: Dr. Rahul Sen is specialist in Obstetrician Prince of Wales Private Hospital who offers medical consultation. To consult with Dr. Sen you can contact him at 1800 890 964.

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