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Fitness Marketing Trends Of 2017

As we become more fitness conscious and obsessed we also see quite a few changes taking place in the fitness and health industry. It is a sector that is growing quite fast and this also makes us believe that the marketing trends as far as fitness industry is concerned will also change in the years to come. Here are a few things which perhaps might point to the direction in which fitness marketing trends are likely to move.

Importance Of Integration

The online booking technology is no longer the domain of big brand fitness names. It has trickled down and even personal trainers who work solo are able to access it. Today, end users would like to book training programs using their smart phone. They also would like to rely on simple and powerful platforms to make this possible. You could use such platforms for yoga classes, personal training and even for physiotherapy sessions. It also is now possible to easily integrate these booking platforms and tie them up with your website. Websites should also become more mobile friendly and it should be accessible in even small sized screens.


More Optimized And Less Maximal

There is a subtle change as far as the tone of fitness marketing is concerned. This has happened roughly over the past 12 months. Previously fitness brands talked about their size and beastly nature. The more painful and torturous the fitness regimen, the better it was concerned. However, this is changing and there are brands which are focusing more on progress and actual results on the ground instead of pain and torture. This is because both professionals and amateurs are expressing concern over injuries caused by over exposure and over training. Hence this is a factor to be kept in mind when looking at fitness trends of 2017 and beyond is concerned.

Gender Equality And Other Forms Of Equality

Since the focus is less on aggressiveness and more on results, many fitness marketing brands are trying to become more gender neutral. They are also trying and reaching out to athletes of all abilities and physical conditions. Gyms are also bringing in new changes and they are no longer hyper masculine and clichéd outlets with black and red color schemes. Women in particular are being lured by promises of gyms and fitness regimes which are friendly to them and not punishing or male chauvinistic as they were a few years ago. Yoga, meditation and other forms of soft exercises are becoming more popular because of the results that they offer.


More Number Of Startups Are Coming Into The Fray

With many funding platforms such as kick starter being available and with ecommerce systems being much more accessible, many new comers are getting into the fitness market and trying to build their own brands. Whether it is fashion accessories or dresses or whether it is about protein supplements and other health drinks, there is a new awakening to this field of business amongst new entrepreneurs. This is perhaps because the costs are not exorbitant and prohibitive and the skills required are also not something that is too difficult to learn, imbibe and then use. People with enterprise and ideas are ready to take the plunge and are also willing to innovate and take risks.

Author Bio : David is a Marketer first and Geek second. He cut his teeth on direct response marketing way back in the early 2000′s. Since then he’s become, more or less “the secret weapon” the biggest marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to create Websites That Sell, set up Multi Million Dollars Launches and Create Profitable Online Marketing Systems.

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