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Emily Skye 30 Day Shred Review

The purpose of 30-day shred is to cater as many lifestyles as it could possibly do. Their recipes are not only nutritious, but their preparation and cooking time is also fast, allowing you to cook the food easily. You can either choose to train in a gym or at the comforts of your home, whichever you think will suit you best.


So Who is Emily Skye?

Emily Skye, a model, a photographer, a talent agent and more all rolled into one. She is quite talented and her accomplishments can prove that. She is a model for about a decade now and she has recently joined a fitness modeling and have proven how great she is at that as well. She became famous, and has been all around the world. She possesses a strong personality and it was my pleasure to have met her. There is so much about fitness that she wants to share with others. All her struggles and the accomplishments that she attained made her what she is now.

What Covers in her Diet Plan & 30 Days Program?


 The Emily Skye Diet Plan is suitable for both meat lovers and vegetarians. It consists of a complete menu of recipes for all the meals that you will eat during the 30-day shred. Everything that is too much is not good. Vegetables may be good for the health, but too much may cause imbalance by increasing the fiber in your body more than what is necessary.  It is best to follow the 30-day shred as recommended.


Emily Shred Plan


While the program is actually healthy and definitely nutritious, it is not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mothers. You have a wide range of choices of recipes that you can prepare for the 30-day shred. You can achieve maximum results if you simply follow the plan entirely. Skipping a meal or modifying your diet could affect the results in a bad way.


 Though you may be a very busy person, 30-day shred could still help you.  You may not be able to go to a gym, but you can take advantage of the workout guide which you can do for 30 days from the comforts of your home. The meals are fast and easy to prepare making the program equally easy to complete as well.


 You may already notice differences within days of using the 30 day shred. As you religiously follow the program, you will see noticeable changes or improvements in your body. While you have limited time, you will need to strategize to get the maximum results. All meals for the duration of 30-days are provided. The 30-day shred provides in detail what you have to eat for the duration of 30 days.


You only need to pay one time, and you get to have the complete 30-day shred by Emily Skye, you also get a 30-day shred gym training log as well as you can also access the members’ area.  You may also be able to access the exclusive forum for 30 day shred members where you may ask questions and speak with other members. There is also more than 60 different kinds of exercise video tutorials which will explain and demonstrate the exercise in detail for the entire 30-day shred.


Any question that will come into your mind will be answered. You also get to talk with the other women who are into the 30 day shred and get to share with each other all that you experience with the program and get to inspire each other as well.



 The 30 day shred by Emily Skye is provided with a complete training program which you can do in a gym or from your home. You have the option to choose which you would prefer.

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