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Brisbane’s Best Gyms Reviews

Among all the Australian cities, Brisbane probably has a great number of affordable, franchise gyms. If you work around the numbers it is easily about twice as many as the cities of Sydney or Melbourne. As much as this remains a mystery, there is no doubt that people of the city are far too much concerned about fitness and health. This happens to be a good thing especially for those who are willing to open up gyms and run businesses in the city. Perhaps this is the sole reason why there are already so many gyms ion the first place.

Now, if you are looking for gyms in Brisbane for weight loss and fitness, you have to consider yourself pretty lucky. You actually have a range of options, from health clubs to 24 hour gyms. Location can always be a major concern in while looking for the gym of your choice. However, with so many gym chains and options, you can easily find and make your ideal pick from amongst the lot.

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Some of Brisbane’s best gyms are listed below with information that you might find very useful too.


  • Fernwood Fitness – Most of Brisbane gyms are meant for both the sexes, but this one is strictly only for the ladies! Fernwood is located in 15 places in the city. Its main focus is to create a separate and feminine place for women so that they find it rather easy and convincing to carry out their fitness plans. The equipment and services that are on the offer are first class, and basically a cut above the other affordable gyms around. There are many classes, workshops, programs and client services that are held for its members. They also offer quality child minding services which allows you to put your child is in good care while you concentrate on your exercises. Whether you are looking to achieve a trimmed body or hoping to squeeze into that tiny wedding dress, Fernwood has the right program for you on the cards.
  • Vivacity Health and Fitness – If you can afford and also love the finer things in life, Vivacity Health and Fitness will be well suited for you. This one is actually a cut above the rest. It is a five star, resort style gym facility in the Kangaroo Point. It also boasts of tennis courts, classes, and personal training facilities.


  • Club Coops –This facility was founded in 1979 by brothers, Ashley and Terry Cooper. They wanted to create a premier racquet sports facility in the area. In over 25 years of service, Coops has managed to live up to it and also exceed it in ways. It is also considered as one of the premier Brisbane gyms. It is at present a “fitness and lifestyle” center. The offerings include squash, tennis, taekwondo, a gym and a pool. Coops also provide tennis coaching. Child minding services are also made available to members.


  • Pure Health Clubs – This one is a pretty different from other Brisbane gyms, as in it does not have a gym! This is an anti-gym health club focusing on innovative classes for weight loss. They even offer teacher training for Pilates. If classes are your priority, then this is the right club for you. It has two downtown locations. Though not explicitly stated, these are generally focused more towards women.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are a number of other gyms that can be equally good for people. Take a look at some of them.



  • Fitcity 24 Hour Fitness Centre – This very basic and affordable one located in Wooloongabba. It offers cardio and strength training. Weightlifting classes are also provided.


  • Ifeelgood 24/7 Health Club – This fitness gym is located in three convenient locations: Indoorpooly, Oxley and Runcorn. It primarily offers a gym, cardiovascular equipment, personal training. However, there are no classes provided. Prices are on a per week basis with no contract.


  • Stepz Fitness – Stepz offers fortnightly memberships. You can find them around several locations in Brisbane. Stepz has no contract hassles, and there are always promotions offered, like that of 7 day free trials.


  • Fitness First – This is a franchisee Brisbane gym, but doesn’t offer 27 hour services. It has several locations, including the CBD on Elizabeth Street. It is spacious and has excellent equipment for workouts and exercises. The cardio room has big screen televisions that you can watch with your own ear buds. They offer small group training in addition to large classes.


  • Jetts – This 24 hour franchise gym and has many locations around Brisbane.


  • Snap Fitness – This 24 hour fitness chain has taken over Australia by storm. This facility features a very nice gym, cardio equipment and spin classes. You can also try it 7 days for free. It is located in the CBD.


  • Anytime Fitness – If you are confused as to which gym would be the best option for you, you should probably look to go for those free trials on the offer and then make your final pick.

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