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Adelaide’s best gyms for you!

Adelaide is a city that was molded by principles of liberty in both religious and civil spheres. That does include the freedom to be free and healthy. Following this principle, the city of Adelaide has citizens who are totally concerned about their health aspects. Such an interest in fitness and weight loss activities has also proved to be very good for gyms in the city. There are quite a number of gyms that operate in the city and provide its citizens with great fitness places to look forward to. Therefore, finding an Adelaide gym is no difficult at all. However, due to the presence of so many gyms in the city, it can be a little confusing at times to make the right pick among all of them.

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Here is a small guide for you to go through. It will bring to you all that you can expect of the best of Adelaide’s gyms.


EFM Health Clubs – These are the best fitness studios mainly for individuals who are looking to join a new gym. EFM’s Fitness Coaching Programs are probably the leading personal fitness regimes in Australia. Their programs ensure that you have a personal fitness coach, one who would actively coach you through every workout. The best thing about this is they even come at a no extra fee other than that of your regular membership. These are very affordable and convenient to find across the city as it has 30 locations.

Good Life Adelaide City Gym – Among all the other Adelaide gyms, this one has a very classic location. It is located inside a colonial bank of the 1860’s, in the CBD. It boasts of a wide variety of cardiovascular equipment, as well as a cycling studio. Group exercise classes are also provided to members and that includes yoga, Pilates, Les Mills etc. Additional forms of services in the form of massage and physiotherapy are provided. Good Life offers three different membership levels to their interested members, all of which are quite affordable.


Your World Fitness – This is a gym that boasts of a state-of-the-art multi-level space in the heart of the CBD. The gym covers five floors. It offers 67 group exercises per week, also along with that child minding, massage, beauty services, sauna, café, steam and spray on tan! The gym also provides four different fitness studios including some offbeat classes like pole conditioning, Shabam, AntiGravity Yoga, RPM and Allegro Pilates. This Adelaide gym naturally belongs to the five star category.

Fernwood Fitness – Fernwood is a gender specific gym as in this is one meant for the ladies. It has three locations in city of Adelaide. The focus of this particular gym is to have a fitness center where women of all sorts can feel accepted and work out rather freely. The equipment and facilities that are provided here are a step above the more affordable ones that are known to operate in the city. Fernwood provides plenty of classes, programs and other forms of services for their members. There is also the availability of quality child monitoring services. This allows someone with kids to drop off their children under good care and yet, attend a fitness class without missing anything at all. The programs offered by this gym range across many types, from achieving a bikini toned body to that perfect wedding fit.


Next Generation Health and Racquet Club – This club offers interested people a free one-day trial to know the feel of the facility. A much better gym compared to the other 24 hour franchisee ones, this gym has indoor, outdoor pools, and a spa, tennis courts for people who like to indulge in the sport, personal training classes, and weights training facilities. Next Generation is also known to offer very flexible membership plans meant for both individuals and families alike.


North Adelaide Fitness Centre – This is perhaps among the affordable Adelaide gyms that pride itself on a policy of no-hassle. They stake to be the alternative to those big, impersonal gyms which are present. The atmosphere in the gym’s premises is rather friendly and easy with excellent staff and trainers who provide good support. Besides the regular classes and equipment for fitness, they also offer nutrition counseling, and weight loss programs.


The Fitness Hub – This happens to be a 24 hour gym that is located near Adelaide University. It is among those very few Adelaide gyms that offers a drop in pass for workouts and, a cheaper pass for a yoga classes. It offers all the basic gym equipment and classes in a rather well maintained facility.

Besides these gyms, there are also few gym chains that can be found in the city of Adelaide. Some of such types are –


Jetts Adelaide CBD – This gym has a very convenient location downtown.


Anytime Fitness–This is 24 hour gym chain with cardiovascular and strength fitness equipment and programs.


Snap Fitness – This chain has recently launched in the city and has quite a handful of locations to pick from.


So if you are a resident of Adelaide and out there looking to lose weight and achieve that fit body, these are basically the best gyms you should be looking at.



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