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Will apple cider vinegar help you lose weight ?

Apple cider vinegar to lose weightIt has been known for many years now how apple cider vinegar or ACV can help with weight loss. However, this belief has not been supported by any medical or clinical trials until today.

It seems that when you drink one tablespoon of ACV before your meal could possibly help reduce your blood sugar level based on the research that the Journal of Functional Foods has published. Those who participated in the study were divided into two groups. One group drank the ACV, mixed one tablespoon of ACV while the other group did not. It is believed that the active ingredient in ACV may have reacted with how the body digests starch.

When starch is blocked, this could mean weight loss for you. When starch is not digested, there would be no calories or only minimal calories that will flow into the bloodstream. This could have a small contribution to your weight loss, but with time, it could add up to become a significant figure. There are a few more studies conducted which support this theory. One was when you consume two teaspoons of ACV before you eat a snack of bagel and juice. It showed that blood sugar spikes were reduced after drinking the ACV. Another research conducted by Japanese during the same year showed that ACV has direct connection with lowering body weight, body mass index, serum triglycerides and weight circumference.

Despite other research to confirm that apple cider vinegar diet can be a possible tool in weight loss, experts still say that more scientific evidences are needed to prove this claim. But if you can handle the taste of the ACV, there will be no harm that could be done to your body. You can try losing your weight using this product.

1. Choose a product that suits your taste. Aside from ACV, there are also other vinegars containing acetic acid, which could taste better like the wine vinegars. Just make sure the product contains only 5% acidity.

2. Just have enough. Too much acetic acid could hurt you. Mix vinegar (one tablespoon) with water (8 ounces) and take this mixture before your meal. This will be an enough dose to be safe. You may also try pouring a tablespoon of the vinegar over a salad if you cannot directly handle the taste of the vinegar. This will not only fill you, but you can also get the vitamins and minerals and other phytonutrients.

3. ACV and the like are not miracle fixes. They could possibly help in their own little ways, but you cannot expect them to do all the work for you. Aside from they cannot provide you great weight loss results overnight.

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